President’s Message 2017

Letter from Topeka Area Catbackers President,
Tim Kolling (September 2016)

Hello, Catbackers –

As the new president of the Topeka Area Catbackers, I would like to begin by introducing myself. The last 10 years or so I am probably known more as Brett and Payton’s Dad! A title of which I am very proud, but I do have my own identity some days and that is Tim Kolling!  I am a lifelong K-State fan and I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Advertising and Marketing from Kansas State University in 1993. While on campus I was active in K-State’s Advertising Club, the Delta Chi Fraternity, and I was on staff for three years as the manager of the Lady Cat Basketball team. Being the only male on the team had its obvious advantages, and the friends and relationships I was able to build from that experience made it not only one of the greatest experiences of my life, but also instilled a passion for our Wildcats that is still as strong today!

It has been a privilege to be on the board for the Topeka Area Catbackers and we have enjoyed strong leadership for years. I hope I can live up to what they have started and that I am able to continue that progress. As I look at the future of the club there are several things I want to build on. First and foremost I want the club to grow. I believe we can easily double in size with the help of current members…you’ll be hearing more from me about that in the coming months. I would also like the club to become more active, not only internally but also in the public eye. After all… we are a club that was developed and is dedicated to supporting the greatest University on the planet! Let’s be purple and proud!

On a personal note as of May I have been married for 20 years to a lovely young lady named Amy, who I met while at K-State. I remember taking my time leaving my Stats class the year we met because I knew she had a class the next hour in Bluemont Hall. As I mentioned we have two children…our son Brett is a freshman at Washburn Rural High School and our daughter Payton who is a 5th grader. I grew up in the big city of Herington, Kansas and my Mom and Dad still live there. Several of you might know me better from my other passion which is marketing and advertising. I am with the Kansas Radio Networks which locally is 580 WIBW (you have no idea how great it is to have K-State Sports back on our airwaves), 94.5 Country and Country Legends 106.9. I have been with our company since I took off my cap and gown in Manhattan in 1993. I’ll leave you with a fun fact… I am color blind and as a kid, my parents gave me money one day to go buy the shirt of my choice from our local T-shirt shop. Of course, I wanted the old Willie the Wildcat logo on a white baseball shirt with the colored sleeves. The lady asked me several times if I really wanted that shirt, not telling me why. Well…as you might guess, I got home and Mom asked why I got the Willie logo on a shirt with navy blue sleeves!

Now that you know a little about me…I hope to get to know all of you as well. Please join us for activities and come have fun supporting our Wildcats.  I would enjoy hearing from you whether it is an idea for a new event, suggestions for a speaker, or anything else you care to share.  Please contact me by e-mail at

Be Proud, Be Purple, Go State!

Tim Kolling
President – Topeka Area Catbackers